Create profile, fill in your next trip details and get to know your fellow travellers – NextTo members: on your flights, in the airports you depart from and arrive to as well as in other places of your trip. Look up fellow travellers’ profiles and choose those, you want to sit next to or to get in touch. Start communicating via NextTo.

Moreover, with NextTo you can:

– Communicate with NextTo members from all around the world, make travel plans together, share impressions and exchange photos.
– Receive timely alerts on your or your friends’ flight status and changes.
– Save your budget by sharing costs with fellow travellers (transfers, extra luggage etc.).

NextTo constantly develops additional opportunities for travellers.
See this for yourself, download NextTo right now!

NextTo needed moblers to provide a full technical implementation solution. moblers  created the server based on PHP and created native applications for iOS and Android. The service connects with flight data and other information sources in order to operate.

Wenor  holdings.

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