Need a Chatbot service!? Want to explore the potential of using a chat robot in your service or your organization!? Get the information you need, the tips, the ideas, and the solutions from a leading award winning provider, moblers.

moblers acquired expertise in robotic chats implementation as an esteemed developer. The planning and creation of a chatterbot are based on various technologies that include the platform (like the popular Facebook messenger), the AI engine, the NLP engine, and more. A good service is based on integrating the right technologies together based on an intelligent conversational script. The decision of how to implement a specific chatbot solution in regards to relevant technologies, conversational engine, and state machine relies on perspective and deep understanding of usage patterns and statistics. Where most companies guide you through the technical challenges, moblers is able to harness its extensive experience with chat engineering to provide an actual solution.

The execution and delivery of simple or complex chatbots are not an easy task if you want the experience to be both fascinating and engaging. Carefully crafted bots attract your audience to continue and use the service and benefit from the prompt response while reducing operational costs on your side. We are able to provide a fully automated connected service and any combination of hybrid solution that combines both automated and human representatives. As an award-winning innovative mobile developer, moblers is passionately dedicated to the innovation of solutions which stand out from the crowd.

Common chatbot apps and services we create include:

Information services – retrieve, present, and discover any information from local sources or the web

Self-service – an effective medium to offer self-service and reduce operational costs while reducing wait times and increase availability and overall customer satisfaction

Corporate messaging service – internal automated solutions based on local information sources, decision engines and more

Registration and enlisting – common functionality that serves B2B and B2C activities

Online representative – provide your customers with a handy tool that communicates your goals into actions

Robotic sales team – let robots generate leads or lead sales in various mediums using the simplicity of a well-engineered conversation

Voice-enabled chats – create compelling services with voice commands and voice prompts

Games – create a fantastic turn-based or state-based games like trivia, lottery, quizzes, edutainment, and more

Forms automation – a perfect way to make a tedious form-filling an exciting experience


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