SexTech for Dummies: There’s No Shame in This Multi-Billion Dollar Industry.

SexTech — it’s not something dirty, but rather, one of the biggest software and mobile app industries in the world. According to Market Research Future, the global SexTech market was valued at $31.88 billion in 2022, and it’s projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.89%, reaching $112.98 billion by 2032. 

Bluetooth-enabled sex toys account for the majority of the market, ranging from 40–55% in 2022, and VR porn is expected to be the fastest-growing segment during the forecast years.

What is SexTech?

SexTech is just like any other sector within the larger tech industry — much like Food Tech, AgroTech, Fintech, Biotech and others all focus on innovation and advancements in their respective fields — so does SexTech. SexTech occupies a specific niche of technology that aims to enhance and innovate sexual experiences as well as sex health. As such, the industry includes regular and IoT devices, platforms, mobile apps, services, and more. 

Why is SexTech So Popular?

The increasing popularity and prevalence of SexTech solutions reflects a significant cultural shift towards utilizing technology for enhancing sexual wellness and intimacy. Attitudes towards sexuality have evolved noticeably in recent years, fostering greater openness and acceptance of diverse orientations. This cultural transformation has fostered an environment conducive to the development and acceptance of innovative SexTech products and services. 

Technological advancements have played a critical role in driving this shift, facilitating the creation of sophisticated devices and platforms tailored to various aspects of sex and sexual wellness. From wearable gadgets to immersive virtual reality experiences, technology enables and empowers people to explore their sexuality in novel ways. 

Additionally, the rise of e-commerce and digital platforms has democratized access to SexTech, enabling discreet access to a wide array of products and services from the comfort of home. 

Types of SexTech

There are many applications of technology within the SexTech industry:

  • Apps and websites: SexTech apps and websites encompass a wide range of services, from those that help people find casual sex partners to those that encourage sexual liberation with supporting podcasts and social activity to those that promote sexual health, and more.  
  • Smart IoT devices: Just as smart mattresses and smart watches monitor and check a person’s vital signs and general health, smart IoT SexTech devices enhance sexual health and experiences. For example, Lioness is a smart vibrator and app that uses precision sensors to help women see what factors make their orgasms better or worse. Another company, FirmTech (moblers’ client and Xbiz 2023 winner), produces a smart penoscrotal ring that tracks men’s erections as they sleep and even during day and sexual activities. The purpose is for men to monitor erections and track their sexual health, which, when amiss, can point to high risks of many chronic illnesses.
  • Chatbots: Companies are using chatbots to enhance people’s sexual experiences. For example, Lovense partnered with the well-known ChatGPT to create the Pleasure Companion, an AI-based chatbot to entertain users, while Bloom, a German erotic audio platform, uses an AI chatbot for character-driven storytelling.
  • VR experiences: SexTech VR is revolutionizing intimacy by immersing users in a world where physical distance is no barrier to connection. Combining cutting-edge virtual reality technology with innovative sensory experiences, SexTech VR offers an unprecedented level of realism and interactivity. From lifelike avatars to customizable environments, users can explore their desires in ways never before possible, fostering intimacy and exploration in a safe and imaginative space.
  • Pleasure Content: AI-generated images and video — in other words, AI-generated pornography — is disrupting the adult entertainment industry, bringing with it a new world of options for adults (as well as ethical concerns, which the industry is slowly navigating).

Challenges of SexTech

Despite a thriving industry, SexTech, like any other, faces several challenges:

  • On the IoT front: Only 26% of IoT companies consider their projects successful. The reason is that IoT concepts can be very cool on paper but very difficult to implement. SexTech, like any IoT industry, faces challenges of actualizing the concept of IoT devices for intimate use.
  • Cybersecurity: In 2017, tech company Standard Innovation (parent of We-Vibe) settled a privacy lawsuit for $4 million after it was discovered that the smart vibrator collected highly personal and sensitive data from users. Cybersecurity continues to remain a crucial component and challenge of SexTech developers as new and innovative sex data is being generated.
  • Taboo: While acceptance is steadily growing, sex still remains a taboo subject for many, which is challenging to an industry that revolves around sex. Even CES, a trade show that’s meant to showcase “the entire tech landscape,” only featured one sex tech product in 2024.

Our Solution

SexTech is a thriving industry that, despite its challenges, continues to grow and evolve, along with shifting cultural perceptions and technological advances. moblers proudly develop top professional software and apps for our SexTech clients. We handle software product development for start-up and established companies that want to break into the SexTech industry or those who are already there but need some help with concept actualization and implementation. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help with mobile software and app creation for your next big idea. 

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