Development on a small budget

Development on Small Budget

Amazing Idea – Small Budget

You’ve got yourself a pretty good idea. You even draw wireframes and have your idea documented on paper. You have written down all your functional needs, and now you want to step up and develop your app for Android, iOS, or the Web. Or maybe you need a cutting-edge AI-based Chatbot? You approach your favorite digital development studios and request a quote to learn what is the required budget. but the prices are way over your way too small budget…

What to do?

First-time app entrepreneurs generally do not understand the development and budget requirements. It is very long and difficult to develop a working product, with its millions of features, and supporting all platforms known to man 🙂

MVP your idea

Before you overload your app with a lot of features that increase budget and development time frames, think only about the core features to start with. Most features are not necessary in the beginning. The only thing necessary at first is your core idea because you don’t even have users yet. Once you do get a few users, you do not want them to get lost but to have a clear interaction with your service. Also, features should be thought out and designed to meet the users’ demands, so you need to have at least a few users to start with.

First, develop your MVP app for ONE platform

Choose only one platform to start with! This way, you can not only decrease your quote but also learn from your users and fine-tune and adjust your app as users’ demand changes. This will also allow you to determine if your service is working the way you planned, before running and spending more money.

By considering the above, you can decrease your product development cost and have it scaled down to fit a small budget, delivery will also be faster and you initially start your journey to success sooner. Also, if your app is successful, you will have a better chance of attracting investors to fund the next steps.

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