Where to Find the Most Talented Software Developers in the World?

Ghana software developers are one of the best-kept secrets of the software industry. Fluent in English, hard-working, and talented, software and mobile app developers from Ghana are setting the new international standard in professionalism.

Ghana is the second-largest country in West Africa with about 32 million inhabitants. A multi-ethnic country with many religions, its official language is English. The Ghanaian government places a heavy emphasis on education and the country boasts nearly 100% enrollment in primary school and 72% enrollment in secondary school (compared to the world average of 70%).

About 635,000 students were enrolled in tertiary education institutions in 2022, and the numbers are expected to continue to grow. Tertiary education in Ghana includes tens of public and technical universities, public and private colleges of education, public specialized institutions and universities, public nursing, midwifery, public and private allied health training colleges, and colleges of agriculture.

In terms of hi-tech, Ghana’s ICT (information and communications technology) sector ranks highly among global countries, with hundreds of tech hubs and accelerators across the country. One of the most advanced and professional hubs is moblers’.

How moblers is Bringing Ghana Software Developers Directly to You?

In November 2023, moblers launched its new Pioneer R&D Center in Ghana, where the nation’s best developers work as outsourced contractors. When clients choose to work with our moblers’ Ghanaian developers as offshore contractors, they receive a wide range of benefits:

  • Cost: The typical cost of senior software or mobile app developers is about $5,500 USD per month. For our Ghana software developers we charge only $~5,500 $3,450 USD per month. You can see the clear cost benefit in the table below –
LocationEast Europe
Asia (India)Ghana
(only at moblers)
Monthly cost for
senior developer
$~5,500 USD$~4,500 USD$3,450 USD
* Based on Glassdoor data.
  • Experience: At moblers, we have a “no junior developer” policy, which means that we do not employ junior developers right out of university or with little experience. All of our developers have at least four years of experience and several real-world accomplishments under their belts.
  • Save time and money: Hiring in-house requires a big investment of time (reviewing CVs, interviews, onboarding, etc.) and money (overhead, insurance, benefits, hardware). If an in-house hire doesn’t work out, you have to start again from scratch and once again invest significant amounts of time and money. With moblers, the process is much quicker and cheaper. Clients don’t have to spend time vetting CVs and interviewing, as we’ve already done that for you! Moreover, there are no additional charges. Clients pay a flat rate of $3,450 USD per month and don’t have to worry about insurance, benefits, etc. (We cover all that, as our developers are moblers employees.) 
    If, for some reason, the developer we sent isn’t a good match for the client’s company, no problem — we’ll just send someone else from our pool of experienced, vetted talent.
  • Support: In-house developers don’t have extra available colleagues with whom they can discuss approaches, challenges, or receive technical support. On the other hand, our Ghana developers always have an impressive-sounding board at hand — moblers’ CEO, CTO, CPO and the entire team who can offer professional support based on experience and knowledge.
  • Professionalism: moblers is an established company that has been in software development since 2007. Our name is synonymous with professionalism, and our offshore developers exemplify this trait as well.

Getting to Know Ghanaian Developers

Why did we choose to open an R&D Center in Ghana?
Guy Doron, moblers’ founder and CEO summed it up:

“After a long time of searching for the best software development talent on earth, we landed on Ghana… One of the reasons we chose to open an R&D Center in Ghana is because Ghanaians have similar values to Western cultures. For us at moblers, this makes them easy to work with. It also means our clients are getting the best service possible…”

Our software developers from Ghana, get endless praises. We are proud to handpick, screen, and vet so we can guarantee all –

  1. Fluent in English – mother tongue in Ghana.
  2. See both small details and the big picture.
  3. Are proactive – they don’t wait for problems to occur, but anticipate future issues and outcomes and take appropriate safeguarding measures. 
  4. Are devoted – when the clock hits 5:00 pm, they’re not running out the door. They’re making sure they’ve completed their work and addressed any issues that need attention. 
  5. Are overall good people, personally and professionally.

With so many benefits – and a price that can’t be beat – hiring moblers’ software and mobile app developers from Ghana is a no-brainer. Message us to get started.

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