Augmented / Virtual Reality

Looking for an innovative professional solution based on the most advanced technologies in Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality!?

moblers is a pioneer in applications using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for non-game purposes. Our vast experience in innovation and implementation of AR / VR apps for enterprises and start-ups contributed to the expertise we demonstrate in our VR / MR / AR applications.

We use game creation technologies and methodologies for augmented reality services and apps that use virtual reality. Clients and partners can approach us with a service specification or a general need in order for us to come up with the suggested solutions based on their needs, market, and audience types. Most services are tailor-made and involve specific development from the concept of the service to the content and the supporting technologies. As an award-winning innovative mobile developer, moblers is passionately dedicated to the innovation of solutions which stand out from the crowd.

Common augmented reality and virtual reality apps and services we create include:

Products catalog – present your products in a unique way with an immersive/interactive environment

Training and Education – create eye-catching rich content that enables users to explore

Digital fitting room – measure objects, fit clothes, and accessories virtually, with regular mobile devices

Digital showrooms – impress your corporate visitors with an extraordinary presentation of your company

Augmented reality information services – attach information where it belongs, in the real world and in a relevant context

Location-based services – add context and value to a physical location reading

Commerce – create a smarter more accessible shopping experience

Telehealth (mHealth) – various health-related services assisted by virtual and augmented reality

IoT (Internet of Things) services – connected world with layered content

Games – from casual gaming to full-scale games with VR and AR features or as a core engine

Our VR / AR services are compatible with the following devices:


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